Marketing Evolution

Data is now everywhere, flowing from web sites, CRM systems, digital media, social media, sales channels, and more. Customers are making purchase decisions faster using third-party chatter that no one can control. Forget leading customers down your purchase funnel – they create their own.

Many marketers struggle to make sense of it all, to optimize marketing investment and move as fast as their markets. What today’s marketer needs is Marketing Intelligence – actionable insights that drive profitable new customer acquisition and value, fueled by automation and on-demand systems.

It starts with customer value.

Value Chart 2By focusing on customer value, organizations drive immediate incremental revenue while fueling customer acquisition growth. Higher customer values equal higher allowable costs per new customer, opening up new acquisition channels and scaling existing channels further. Next-generation CRM technologies and tools are used to achieve higher levels of performance than ever before. This includes a high level of automation and integrating CRM into product use, also referred to as Growth Hacking.

Automation delivers efficiency and the right on-demand data.

Value StreamMeasuring and optimizing marketing investment means having the right systems and tools in place to both improve efficiency and fuel analysis of marketing campaigns. By implementing the right foundation of automation tools, organizations can have on-demand access to performance metrics to fuel analytics. This may include leading-edge CRM systems, media optimization systems, and other emerging automation technologies.

Advanced analytics reveal clear pictures of performance and scale.

MI3Connecting data to Market Intelligence requires dedicated efforts to make sense of today’s complex environment. Individual channels can no longer be measured in isolation. Customers simply don’t follow a linear path anymore. By leveraging analytics solutions dedicated to optimizing marketing investment, today’s marketer can see through the data and make smarter decisions.

The result is higher performance with data driving more decisions

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